Carl Craig back in 2002: prophecy and retrospective on Techno

23 September 2014
Zoe Pop

This is the beginning of a vintage recording series, a promising affair which will allow us to understand music in retrospective and will give us the power to go further, experiment more and appreciate the (musical) moments of joy that are yet to come.

Here is Carl Craig in a vintage recording (2002) talking about the poetics of the techno scene as it used to be.

While music is what keeps us connected between the three dimensions of time — the past, the present and the future — it is real words, pure talent and old school stuff that by the end of the day create the sweet feeling of nostalgia, an essence which is the element that keeps us all connected and fond of an amazing scene.

Almost twelve years later and Craig’s mindset and ideas are still cool and very actual, allowing us to travel back and forth… because what is real doesn't lose its value, but it just gets better!

Full length interview (12 min):
Video copyright ©2002 Hpunkt & Fred,

Zoe Pop

Zoe Pop

Thessaloniki / Amsterdam
Zoe Pop believes that there is no proper self-introduction, unless you are giving yourself away on the dance floor. Living in Amsterdam but coming from Greece, Zoe feels like she found the perfect combination of lifestyles. She likes beat poetry, she adores summer but sometimes craves for some of the warmth that only winter can offer. Zoe Pop believes that people are colorful souls, ready to paint on each other; you just need to give them a chance.