Acoustic Synth & Underwater Vinyl

10 November 2014
Myriah Turner

Being a Blitzkicker is an off the cuff junction. You beat to your own drum and you rarely consider how other people are going to inhale your actions. Let us introduce you to two definite Blitzkickers that are stirring up huge creative endeavours.

Istanbul-based musician Görkem Şen has managed to craft an acoustic instrument that emits a sound identical to a digital synthesizer. 

Şen explains how the tantalising instrument Yaybahar "...creates a vibration that is turned into sound by membranes which echo back and forth on the coiled springs." The experience is absolutely lovely and severely spellbinding - in this electronic era who could've expected this sound to come out of an acoustic instrument.

Then we have an Oakland-based kinetic installation artist Evan Holm, whose approach to vinyl is simply stunning.

Holm has managed to take a timeless device such as the turntable and literally submerge it into water to create a ripple in how we listen to vinyl. The installation video gives you the opportunity to plunge into the experience of aquatics and vinyl. The artist leads you through the fluid motion of how music can be transported to actual depths and dark places, yet still break through the crust with cascading melodies.

Both Görkem Şen and Evan Holm are the creative visionaries with a romantic grasp on music's past and future, truly a Blitzkicker's inspiration.

Myriah Turner

Myriah Turner

Toronto / Amsterdam
Myriah Turner likes her words shaken not stirred. A Canadian with a powerful pen, she is known for her poetic stylings on discoFlesh, her dreamy voice over and her constant contributions to the electronic dance music scene. Having a strong connection with Amsterdam, Myriah Turner is currently based in Toronto, with an endless supply of pens and paper.