Sentenced To Party Behind Bars — The Aftermovie

11 October 2015
Myriah Turner

12inch City sentenced us to a festival Behind Bars, the promise of good times did not depend on our behavior. Here we became the eye in the sky, the surveillance to serve and protect your memory.

Our aftermovie explored a 1872 prison establishment, De Noordsingel Gevangenis in Rotterdam, that opened its final cell door in 2012. We were able to capture the shock and awe of what a force a venue can create for its attendees.

This concrete tomb once housed some vile and depressing souls, our footage captured the opposite. Imprisoned for the love of art, music and connection. The only crimes any of these people committed were enjoying themselves and each other.

The prison uniform was a different attire for the festival and freedom of expression was highly enforced. The music buoyed amongst bodies and concrete creating a pulse of a hundred hearts. We choose Maceo Plex ft. C.A.R. Mirror Me, the original and dub mixes, as the soundtrack. Our aftermovie edit is fast-paced through stroboscope shots to give you a spooky yet refreshing glimpse into the shadows of this institution, the love of life and the celebration of redemption and unity.

Created by
Anna Bogomolova & Dammes Kieft
Big thanks to 12inchCity // Behind Bars Festival

Myriah Turner

Myriah Turner

Toronto / Amsterdam
Myriah Turner likes her words shaken not stirred. A Canadian with a powerful pen, she is known for her poetic stylings on discoFlesh, her dreamy voice over and her constant contributions to the electronic dance music scene. Having a strong connection with Amsterdam, Myriah Turner is currently based in Toronto, with an endless supply of pens and paper.