Time Travel To Sci-Fi 80s With Odd Oswald — Blitz Podcast Premiere

30 November 2015
Anna Bogomolova

We had an idea of joining forces with artists we love, the very people who supply Blitzkickers with a soundtrack, an image or source of movement. We wanted a journey of discovery told through sound. This idea is beginning to blossom with our premiere podcast presented by Odd Oswald. We were able to pair his selective sound with an odd and awesome image by Philipp Pusch and present to you a journey fit for a daydream, destination—up to you.

Anna: When I saw this rather odd photograph from Philipp, I immediately had to think of you… What did you think of reading my email?

Brian Odd Oswald: I liked how you asked me to do the mix. Instead of describing me the business plan and stuff you just sent me that picture. And I really liked it, which is a big factor; I could see what you were looking for and I drew a lot of inspiration from it.

It is an open-ended image to me, so I thought I could do a lot of different thing in the mix too. I thought about that guy lying on the grass and then imagined someone sitting on that lounge chair; what music could be going through their head, what could be happening around them…

Also I remembered your ‘instructions’ from the email about “the theatrical experience with aliens dancing on stage”. So I started to go through my records and think what aliens would like to listen to while dancing on that theatre stage. And then of course I started pulling movie soundtracks and edits, and evolve the mix as a musical experience I would like to give.

So what do we have in the mix?

It is all vinyl; vinyl that I’ve been collecting for about ten years until the last week. I bought a few records for the mix too… It’s a lot of cinematic music, soundtracks and film scores; John Carpenter, David Lynch, LAW; also a lot of edits of 70s or 80s rock and disco. And new stuff. I have been especially picking stuff that’s spacier and tracks you would hear in an actual soundtrack. Even the house, techno, or the new wave I picked is more film oriented.

In our previous video interview with you and Mama Maars as Odd Parents, you already told us about your love of horror movies. And you said that this mix is more of an 80s time travel sci-fi movie… What are your favourite sci-fi movies?

That’s hard to do on the spot. But I will tell you a secret: every movie I watch I add on my Facebook profile. So we can look through the list.

How about La Planète Sauvage or Fantastic Planet. That one is a good sci-fi movie from 1973. I haven’t seen it since college and watched it again recently.

Another good one, I don’t know if it’s sci-fi though, is called Turbo Kid. This one is recent from 2015.

Big Trouble In Little China. I used another one of John Carpenters tracks in the mix.

Jacobs Ladder is a good one that nobody knows.

Holy Motors! This one is crazy!

Actually do you have a film making ambition yourself?

Maybe, I don’t know yet. I haven’t tried to make one yet. Once I do, it might be the end of this all…

Ah well, we have a deal already: I will make a movie and you will score it!

True that!

Now you need to keep the momentum Odd Parents are gaining and also develop Odd Oswald… Boiler Room from Ibiza with Odd Parents went really well and your Subderma EP, released on Ellum, has been received very well too. The future seems bright.

We have a lot of gigs and offers coming in for the next 6 months. We will be playing in Amsterdam at DGTL in March. So it feels like we’re gaining momentum, yes. And the main focus is on Odd Parent with my duo partner Christine and the family thing with Ellum. Odd Oswald will be strictly for my weirdness with grungy disco new wave sounds. I’ve got a few tracks I made as Odd Oswald and I am planning to work on some more throughout the winter…

Maybe enough for an album?

Maybe, let’s see.

I remember something of Oswald being your actual relative?

Oswald is my grandfather’s last name. Which is my mother’s maiden name. Growing up I was mostly around my Latin side of the family, but I was kinda an oddball. So they would make jokes about me being from the Oswald side, that sort of thing. And it also came up when teaming up with Christine and making up names for ourselves as Odd Parents. And now it connects well with my solo project.

There is a lot of ‘odd’ going on - Odd Parents, Odd Oswald… What do you find odd about yourself?

I don’t know. I’m sure lots of things. You should ask someone else probably. My taste in things is odd mainly. My taste in movies, music and people. I like weird things and people.

What do you find odd about me then?

You’re definitely odd, but friendly. The way you dance is awesomely odd.

Yep! Like that alien on that theatre stage!

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Photography by Philipp Pusch

Anna Bogomolova

Anna Bogomolova

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