Danny Daze: Sunday Morning Series, Music For Your Mood

15 April 2015
Myriah Turner

We get home from a long day of work, our mental and physical capacities exhausted to their limits. We scroll through our playlists and pick the best one that suits our current state of being. This also applies to when we're dancing around our homes and throwing all of our clothes on the floor trying to figure out what to wear to the evening's event. It is all about the experience.

We know Danny Daze from the techno scene. We like his style — eclectic in productions and DJ sets and charming in person — we figured it isn't just about the music for Danny Daze; it is also about the mood.

These are days when music is constant and creation is never-ending. Introducing Sunday Morning mixtapes, Daze likes to appeal to your experience, not only your dancing shoes. They provide a flawless, down-tempo musical therapy perfected for a Sunday of lounging around and nursing the effects of the previous night's vices.

"My sole intention for these mixes were to wake up and listen to chill music while cooking breakfast and serving it in bed. Something that can smooth you into your day." — Danny Daze

Danny Daze has invited  Ruxpin and Rivet to participate in the series. Rivet's twitter bio quotes Beethoven: "To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable." This quote is fitting for the production because the true purpose of the series is passion. There is an immense control when tackling a series that is devoted to heightening a mood; the compliment could be hard to connect, but the Sunday Morning series rises above those obstacles.

It doesn't have to be "Sunday" on the calendar for you to experience the talents of these demigods. There are elements for any time of day, let alone year. However, you will only understand the mood to which they are contributing once you've allowed yourself full exposure to the divinity of these mixes.

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Myriah Turner

Myriah Turner

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