Dekmantel Meditations on Hi8

07 December 2016
Myriah Turner

Experience our experiment and glimpse into the modern way of the Dekmantel festival through the lens of a seemingly outdated piece of technology.

Our Sony Hi8 camcorder from the early nineties is known for the true to heart manner of documenting festival experiences since Strange Sounds From Beyond. To continue this tradition, our own filmmakers Dammes Kieft and Anna Bogomolova take it with them to Dekmantel.

Vid 1 - A magenta light draws into a moment. Relativity melts away under the wayward control of Ben Frost.

Vid 2 - In the raving greenhouse, The Black Madonna is planting a beat into our hearts and rooting us to one another.

Vid 3 - Beautiful Swimmers and Pender Street Steppers in a back to back set. No better reason to play your air violin and sing your heart out to the universe.

Vid 4 - A spaceship we have a boarding pass to and we're bringing all our friends.

Vid 5 - An Uber philosophy on the road back home, a steady stream of inquiries forcing us to reflect on our feelings and our bond in the context of the word relationship.

Vid 6 - Christina Aguilera punctuates Backstreet Boys as we enter the gay pride centre of Amsterdam. Living room window opens into another dimension.

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Created by Dammes Kieft & Anna Bogomolova

Myriah Turner

Myriah Turner

Toronto / Amsterdam
Myriah Turner likes her words shaken not stirred. A Canadian with a powerful pen, she is known for her poetic stylings on discoFlesh, her dreamy voice over and her constant contributions to the electronic dance music scene. Having a strong connection with Amsterdam, Myriah Turner is currently based in Toronto, with an endless supply of pens and paper.