Digital sea waters with a Russian-singing whale from SBPCh and Pavel Samokhvalov

27 November 2016
Anna Bogomolova

From the depth of the ocean a Beluga whale singing in Russian to a half-human half-octopus friend — this existential computer generated fantasy is directed by Moscow-based artist Pavel Samokhvalov into a music video for St. Petersburg electronica band SBPCh.

Octopus embracing vocalist Kirill Ivanov


Animated model of Beluga whale wondering "Where are you, my friend?

“We are all going to die” floating in a pink bathtub

Teddy bear plunging into digital blue waters

“Mama and I are going to die.” fearing inner child

“In this song I hear a lot of deep sea sounds — viscous, rolling, distant sounds of underwater sonars, dolphins in the bottomless sea. I love the ocean and see it everywhere, and here water is mentioned a lot in the lyrics,” Samokhvalov explains. “It’s not very apparent in the song who is talking to whom so I’ve decided to let the whale sing. I’ve chosen the Beluga whale because it’s weird and mesmerising. I did a sort of casting for different whales, and the animated model of Beluga whale matched the voice the best. Not sure why I’ve picked the octopus for Kirill Ivanov (the vocalist). From a formal point of view I needed to work around his head and shoulders but also I think the octopus suits him — he’s inescapable and hypnotising”.

Pavel Samokhvalov:


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