9 Dutch Boutique Festivals To Attend This Summer

29 April 2015
Myriah Turner

Festival season is among us. You've saved your monies and prepared the best outfits, but what tickets do you get? We recommend all of them, duh! The Netherlands is a heart that beats to its own genre; house and disco, deep, techno and electronica. The summer of 2015 is proving that it doesn't plan on skipping a beat. We've picked the best small-scale boutique festivals you may know little about, but ones will bring you a sense of belonging and being part of something special.


WHEN: May 29 @Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam

SOUNDS LIKE: Solomun & friends: Adriatique, Stimming, NTFO, Karmon, Magdalena +more

LOVE: The event is a colourful affair where a passion of music and a passion for life collide and create an experimental and loving atmosphere. The vibe is electric and displaces you to a setting where music meets people and people meet music and for the love of both they pop like champagne and quench a thirst for something quaint and delicate.

FACT: The location is situated near a charming forest and this gives the illusion that the attendees can come and play, like a nostalgic Peter Pan, while experiencing the future of music.

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WHEN: May 30 @Paleis Soestdijk, Baarn

SOUNDS LIKE: Ici Sans Merci, Olivier Weiter, Lexer, wAFF, Technasia, Subb-an, Marc Maya, Odd Parents +more 

LOVE: A location fit for royalty. The residence is a palace (no, seriously) surrounded by a landscape of epic proportions. You feel as if you're entering a painting and if you leave the party with a little dirt on your dancing shoes... well, cherish that dirt forever.

FACT: Local and international artists fit the bill for this event — they don't shy away from creating a place where everyone is welcome to experience the names you love and the names you aren't so familiar with.

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WHEN: May 30 @Lijm & Cultuur, Delft

SOUNDS LIKE: Oscar Mulero, Function, Leon Vynehall, Perc, Shifted, San Soda +more

LOVE: This event isn't just about the music, it's about the entire collection of creative entities that come together and give birth to an interactive scene of art, fashion and fun. It has a majestic quality about its formation and doesn't shy away from anything; it continuously tries to incorporate everything that makes freedom of expression easier.

FACT: Hosted in an old glue factory.

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WHEN: June 6 @De Vasim Fabriek, Nijmegen

SOUNDS LIKE: Surgeon, Mathew Jonson vs. Minilogue, Vincent Levon, Benny Rodrigues +more

LOVE: This year they celebrate five years of their raw techno gatherings and push the envelope of electronica. Drift festival welcomes all those who wander, because they know you aren't lost — like-minded people can emerge into one cohesive unit and bond on epic parallels between music, artistry and the love of creating.

FACT: The event takes place in an industrial site called De Vasim. This building used to create carboxymethylcellulose up until 2002 when it was then turned into an outlet for artists.

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WHEN: June 27 @Bergse Bos, Rotterdam

SOUNDS LIKE: Mano Le Tough, DJ Koze, Moodymann, Omar S, DJ Harvey, Mathew Jonson (live), Lil Louis +more

LOVE: The festival emits a vibe of pure backyard shenanigans. There is a sway of permanent relaxation that the venue and the crowd make whole together. Expedition lets you explore things with all your senses and stimulates your day with interactive clarity; you'll want to get involved.

FACT: This is their third anniversary and they pride themselves on setting up camp on the hill and lingering under the sun! We’re betting that this is going to be the best festival of the season; we don’t know anyone who is going to miss out on this spot-on line up.

HIGHLIGHT: You remember Boiler Room Sniffing Girl, right? Who could forget; the clip went viral, even making its way onto international television. Expedition is the stomping ground for memorable moments and everyone is watching! 

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WHEN: July 5, @Pampus Forteiland, Muiden

SOUNDS LIKE: Innervision — think Âme, Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Marcus Worgull +more

LOVE: Hosting the event on Pampus Island will create a secluded party zone. The sounds will be able to reflect off the water and give the atmosphere an illusion of some far away land with music of the past, present and future.

FACT: The 100 year old fortress was originally created to defend the iconic city ofAmsterdam. The event is mixing up new and old and giving it to the present people as a sublime party ground. 

WARNING: One word that Innervisions are involved and their loyal followers join in. This even is already sold out, which means you must prowl TicketSwap!

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WHEN: August 8 @Outdoor Klimmen Hoornse Vaart, Alkmaar

SOUNDS: Derrick May, Steve Rachmad, DJ Sprinkles, San Soda, Awesome Tapes From Africa +more

LOVE: An event with intimacy and popularity, its off centre location brings nature and electronic music together and provides a perfect earth cocktail of lush greenery and enough space to frolic about.

FACT: Hosted in the city of cheese, Alkmaar's beautiful landscape is the backdrop to a gorgeous festival that brings people together. The first edition sold out, which is huge, but that didn’t spoil the boutique vibe of the event — sold out doesn’t always have to mean over-crowded.

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WHEN: September 5 @Sportpark Riekerhaven, Amsterdam

SOUNDS LIKE: Heroic deep house, house and techno

LOVE: The location provides the party goers with a playground of treats that encourage interaction and demands them to have a good time.

FACT: It transforms the small outdoor sports park into an epicentre of pure danceable mayhem. Pleinvrees also brings off the cuff activities for their attendees such as; yoga, hippy dance and bubble bath. This intensifies the quality of experience next to music without being sleazy.

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WHEN: September 5 @Diemerbos, Diemen

SOUNDS LIKE: Expect "Serious Dance Music. No Standing. Just Dancing,"

LOVE: The ZeeZout team has an arsenal of amazing events and collaborative festivals; it's time they stamped their own name atop of own mega creation. They've chosen an outdoorsy venue with plenty of space nearby a beautiful forest and a lake.

FACT:  ZeeZout guys are focusing their attention on the crowd vs. artist energy - creating an intimate vibe that connects everyone together instead of massive out of reach heights and skyscraper stages. Be a part of history with ZeeZout's very first festival.

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So what's it going to be? We've done most of the work for you, but the most important task still must be done… what tickets will you snag? We want to know what events this summer we'll see you at.

Photography credits: Niels de Vries; Martijn Barzilaij; Anne Lakeman; Katja Rupp; Vivianne Janson; Eva de Korte; VAAG

Myriah Turner

Myriah Turner

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