6 Dutch labels to live by

16 January 2015
Myriah Turner

When it comes to handing you a piece of the scene, it is the Dutch who are leading the way and constantly reviving your playlists. The 6 labels we selected for you are the young guns and old guards and have their sleeves rolled up to release records that instantly become (cult) classics.

from Amsterdam to beyond

Rush Hour took '97 by the horns and opened a record store. Known for their dance with the obscure, the mail order hub was shipping Dutch records around the world which led up to their label start, with their first release just before the 2000. The Rush Hour family has since been releasing music from artists all over the world which dabble in all sorts of electronic fun. Their catalogue includes Kid Sublime, Aardvarck, XOSAR, Carl Craig, Cosmin TRG, BNJMN, Kenny Larkin and others.


not so proper techno

2014 was an impeccable year for Voyage Direct with 9 releases, there is high expectations for 2015. Tom Trago, one of the most prominent producers on Rush Hour, has managed to create a label for the Dutch. Representing the likes of many electronic artists, the labels releases Legowelt, Dexter, Awanto 3, William Kouam Djoko, Overlast, Maxi Mill, San Proper, Boris Werner and Tom Trago himself. The label is a collection of funky electronica that moves rooms and brings people together. Tom Trago told Ransom Note, "I'm proper techno because I'm not proper techno!" This can also be true of Voyage Direct's approach to the scene.


instant classics from underground geniuses alike

Guido Hollaers and Pascal Terstappen gave birth to the electronica label in 2012 to begin their quest of releasing fresh dance music from underground geniuses alike. Two high school friends release music they personally enjoy and with all that heart going into each release you can't help but feel the connection they have to the scene. The Atomnation catalogue includes the constellation of artists such as Weval, Gidge, Sau Poler, David Douglas, Koett and more.


connecting to the beauty of the analog recording technique

Musician and graphic designer Bear Damen founded NON Records for artists who create through analog recording techniques. This has allowed the label to cater to a slew of artists who portray a similar taste and style. From a monthly show cased production to a traveling world-wide institution, NON has been providing a home for talents like Palmbomen, The Benelux, Renkas, Marius, HyperHyper, and Damen himself.


CLONE, 1993
the label who waits for no one

Established from the sheer passion of releasing music into the universe and waiting for absolutely no one, Serge Verschuurm gave birth to a label that just doesn't quit. He manages to dabble in the niche genres pertaining mostly to experimental/underground dance music. Clone has seen the likes of Drexciya, Duplex, Funckarma, as well as Serge's alias Orx. The label is a mix bag of sounds from the obscure to trippy techno, but that is exactly the signature that pays respect to releasing good tracks no matter what. 


DELSIN, 1996
from 50 mix cassettes to electronica powerhouse

At the beginning of Delsin's time there was owner Marsel Van Der Wielen with 50 casettes of his very own Peel Seamus production. Over 19 years and 100 releases there was a steady build of catalogued sounds and the label is now a powerhouse of ebbing tracks that throb and encourage the dancing world. Focused primarily on techno sounds that aren't overbearing, they have released artists such as; Morphosis, Kassem Mosse and Sven Weisemann.


Myriah Turner

Myriah Turner

Toronto / Amsterdam
Myriah Turner likes her words shaken not stirred. A Canadian with a powerful pen, she is known for her poetic stylings on discoFlesh, her dreamy voice over and her constant contributions to the electronic dance music scene. Having a strong connection with Amsterdam, Myriah Turner is currently based in Toronto, with an endless supply of pens and paper.