Extentions of beliefs with Lenny Posso

07 June 2016
Mariana Berezovska

Starting a record label and running productions is like founding a family. You will love them no matter what. And no matter where in the world the family is going — they will always be welcome under your roof, united by the common values and beliefs.

In pursuit of the techno sound, missing in New York in the 90's, Lenny Posso established his own label — Thema Recordings — and has been gathering his family over the world for the last decade. This year their family celebrate the 10th birthday.

Inspired by the European music communities at the begging of the techno era, Lenny has been taken by the transatlantic flow back and forth for many years, until he finally decided to take the risk and settle down in Berlin.

Everybody says 'you've got to follow your dreams and go with the flow'. But how much courage does it actually take to be truthful to yourself and extend the range of your beliefs? This is what our conversation with Lenny is about.


Video by Mariana Berezovska, Beska Kapchelashvili and Magda Dzanashvili

Lenny Posso soundcloud.com/lenny_posso

Thema Recordings, Thema Digital & Chronicle Records soundcloud.com/thema-chronicle

Mariana Berezovska

Mariana Berezovska

Mariana believes in music, aesthetic education, second language acquisition and the power of doing things together.