Fine art from Kompakt, Henrik Schwarz and AIR, to indulge your senses

30 October 2014
Anna Bogomolova

We love that moment when a piece of art speaks to us through a variety of mediums. Electronic music at its finest, accompanied by finest prints of cover art, in limited vinyl editions - what a guilty pleasure...!

Think of the subtle pleasure when using objects that are beautifully crafted; the special moment captured forever in picture and form; the concoction of both earthly and interstellar experiences. Along those lines, here is our top 3 to indulge your senses.

Kompakt has announced a pre-order on their annual compilation Pop Ambient 2015, which includes an LP/CD + hand signed fine art print. Enigmatic, cinematic, ultimately very alien and irresistibly nostalgic - read the full list of adjectives in the official review, though there is not a word on the art work…

Pre-order now:

Henrik Schwarz alarmed vinyl junkies, collectors and sound enthusiasts. There has arrived their vinyl record Trialogue in a limited, numbered and signed (by the artist Stepan Ueding) linocut - hand printed on a press from 1850 as the sleeve. The album is composed by the Norwegian jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, the Swedish-born bassist Dan Berglund and of course, representing our electronic scene and Germany, Henrik Schwarz.

Watch album's documentary:
and pre-order your limited edition:

Finally, let's add a cinematographic masterpiece to our collection of art experiences: the definite classics - AIR's acclaimed 2012 album Le Voyage Dans La Lune inspired by the legendary silent film from 1902 by Georges Melies. A long-lost hand-painted colour print, the only one known to exist, was re-discovered in Spain in 1993. After a long-lasting process of restoration and digitalisation, the film was presented complete, at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, with a new soundtrack by AIR.

Get your deluxe gatefold vinyl edition:
and watch the film here:

Above all, we encourage you to spoil yourself or your special one with some fine art. Cheers!

Anna Bogomolova

Anna Bogomolova

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