Lo-fi Hi8-filmed love letters from Strange Sounds From Beyond

12 July 2016
Mariana Berezovska

When our senses are involved, the memory archives the strongest feelings. Music and image are documented and stored by its fail-safe mechanisms in our most private cells. And when we vividly recall strong and important feelings, bigger than the actual understanding of the moment, we find ourselves holding on to something forgotten and yet timeless. This might be what we call nostalgic and retro, but in fact it is this edgy relevance of what our senses went through in the past, and what got selected to be safely stored for the future.


This is a lo-fi Hi8-filmed collection of home video clips from Strange Sounds From Beyond. The shots are grainy and shaky, but once you settle in the retro look you begin to follow the story. It is almost a love affair unfolding before your eyes, engaging artists (on stage and backstage) and flamboyant festival people. The spicy subtitles help to set the focus and connect the dots of this ‘back to the future’ journey.

The filming and editing is done by Anna Bogomolova, Amsterdam based director and Blitzkickers’ editor-in- chief. Although filming is not her primary vehicle, as she is normally powering the entire process on the set and edits, this time it was Anna’s own experiment.

"The spontaneous nature of Hi8 is about seizing the moment and once you zoom, you instantly make a scene — in the moment storytelling."

Strange Sounds From Beyond was throwing back to the 80s and 90s with artists like Ata Kak, Gilles Peterson, Vakula, Omar Souleyman, Antal and others — the nostalgic warming sound perfectly matching the Hi8 visual aesthetics.

"From the age of 10 I owned Hitachi VHS camera and collected an extended family archive, so I guess I am a pro in home videos."

The self-titled home videos pro, Anna easily connected with the homey ambience of the festival and took the artists and the audience on her spontaneous trip in time and space with her retro 1994 Hi8 camcorder.

"Whether this film is a nostalgia journey back in time, or imagination of the future, it evoke those edgy senses of something safely archived and yet so meaningful."

This was not the first time Blitzkickers team used analogue AV technology. Last year, in our polished production for Straf_Werk we asked Henrik Schwartz and KiNK to film on Hi8 themselves. And earlier this year we brought back the retro look of the 1980's Philips Discoverer 'Space Helmet’ TV to our Nassau production (line up release and aftermovie).

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Mariana Berezovska

Mariana Berezovska

Mariana believes in music, aesthetic education, second language acquisition and the power of doing things together.