Nassau Festival Line Up Trailer — The Making-Of

02 February 2016
Mariana Berezovska

‭The Netherlands are famous for their liberal perspectives on many things that order-seeking conservatives should dread and awe. Not burdened by the conventional restrictions, the residents prosper in intellectual achievements, don’t fear physical work, and enjoy good celebrations. And in the times of democratic values, freedom and equality, the Dutch are getting excited about their slightly imperial tradition of honouring the king ‬Willem-Alexander.

Blitzkickers received an assignment to create a line-up trailer for a debut edition of the Nassau Festival, set on the King’s Day, April 27 at the Olympic area in Amsterdam.

To represent the tradition and the novelty of the day, our goal was to build up energy of the past and the present, combing the vintage and the modern in one dynamic shot.‭

When ideas start to crystallize,‭ ‬becoming the physical embodiment of dreams,‭ ‬visions,‭ ‬conversations,‭ ‬and research,‭ ‬everything becomes natural and right people get involved.

Throughout the whole process,‭ ‬from finding the retro space TV in the middle of nowhere,‭ ‬installing the rails in the concrete Rotterdam settings,‭ ‬and receiving the last edit of the soundtrack in the Amsterdam studio,‭ ‬it is this involvement and devotion that keep the carousel rolling.

‬And at the end of the ride everybody gets a lollypop,‭ ‬beschuitjes,‭ ‬a shiny‭ ‬haring,‭ ‬or a hearfelt festival trailer.‭ Depending on what you're into.

Video created by Anna Bogomolova & Dammes Kieft

Graphics and sound design by Boris Acket

Grip by Bjorn Schumacher

Camera assistance by Thomas de Vrij

Making of photography by Tim Buiting

Location Slaakhuys in Rotterdam by Wibbine Kien

Big thanks to Annerieke Glaser, Gijs Voesten and Raaf Verhoef from Nassau Festival / Apenkooi Amsterdam

Mariana Berezovska

Mariana Berezovska

Mariana believes in music, aesthetic education, second language acquisition and the power of doing things together.