Occupied by emptiness and full of meaning — Wibbine Kien at Het Slaakhuys, Rotterdam

17 February 2017
Anna Bogomolova

It’s hard to explain the meaning, reduce it to thoughts or confine it to words. But when you see the meaning, you know it.

Our location scouting took us to a character building in Rotterdam, Het Slaakhuys. The meaning was filling empty rooms, the place was long forgotten and yet so familiar. The meaning was guarded and multiplied by Wibbine Kien, an artist who derives her inspiration from emptiness.

“The space is asking to do bigger things!”, says Wibbine, rising up to the challenge with a solo exhibition of large-scale paintings.

Then it was our turn to be equal to the task and try to capture the meaning of emptiness and beauty of character at Het Slaakhuys.

The interview with Wibbine Kien and her exposition shot in June 2016 by Blitzkickers filmmakers Dammes Kieft and Anna Bogomolova.

P.S. Here's how we used the emptiness of Het Slaakhuys in one of our previous video productions: blitzkickers.com/story/nassau-festival-line-up-trailer

Blitzkickers video crew
Dammes Kieft & Anna Bogomolova

Special thanks
Jeroen Hoorn jeroenhoorn.nl
Suzy Ann van den Berg suzyann.nl

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Anna Bogomolova

Anna Bogomolova

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