A Royal Kind Of Affair In Our Off The Record Festival Aftermovie

15 July 2015
Myriah Turner

The enchanting palace Soestdijk, that once housed the Dutch Royal Family, sets the seen for 12inch City's Off The Record Festival. The grounds are vast and tailored for a different kind of affair and yet, as filmmakers, we were able to connect with the space exquisitely.

The location has the power to make anyone feel valiant, so we explored the palace with a thirst for history, art and expression. Our film is evidence of the astonishing and majestic connections that blossomed here.

The festival not only provided an ambiance of elegant creativity, but provided day dreamers and shakers to bask in the glorious stories pulsating from every inch of the palace.

The night casted a sheet of velvet across the sky, upholstered with just the right amount of sparkle. We captured the essence of a fairytale where one or two dancing shoes may have been left behind.

Camera & edit by Dammes Kieft
Big thanks to 12inchCity // Off the Record festival at Palace Soestdijk

Myriah Turner

Myriah Turner

Toronto / Amsterdam
Myriah Turner likes her words shaken not stirred. A Canadian with a powerful pen, she is known for her poetic stylings on discoFlesh, her dreamy voice over and her constant contributions to the electronic dance music scene. Having a strong connection with Amsterdam, Myriah Turner is currently based in Toronto, with an endless supply of pens and paper.