Perron, Last Stop

01 April 2015
Zara Maria Olsson

For many of us out and about in Rotterdam, Perron has been the place to spend sleepless nights for the last 4 years. With only a few weeks left to go, we thought it was time to give it up to the people behind the Perron phenomena and hear what they have to say about the past and the present.

It is the second big closing this year. Pardon, Perron, for bringing up Trouw, but when observing that epic closing you must have thought that you are next?

Aziz Of course closing of Trouw made us think of closing of Perron. Though Trouw was such an institution with international attention. And we are more of a local clubhouse. Trouw was a place you go to with big expectations. I am not saying artists would underestimate Perron, but when they stepped in you could see them smile and say: "Wow, this is like my neighborhood clubhouse back in the days".

Phuong We expected Perron would have to close in a year or two, so we had our moments of joy after being extended every year — so one final moment of sadness after four years is ok.

I was wondering about the last song...

Aletta Everybody is wondering about that. But we don't have to plan all this stuff — just think about it a day before, see who's playing and just let it happen.

Phuong It should be a fun song, not too sad. Just a crazy sing-along song. Clap-your-hands-happy-song. Something happy.

Mart Definitely not a modern dreamy house track. Something everyone knows and everyone will remember as their last moment in the club they have been so many times.

If we would lend you our time machine to go back to any night at Perron, which night it would be?

Aziz The one year anniversary of Perron. That day was full with parties and all announced long before us. But then Jeff Mills got confirmed for the first time at Perron and we were sold out in a matter of days. We changed all the lamps so that everything was blue, even the smoke. It was really special. Everyone was still there at 8 in the morning.

Sam Skream during the first month of Perron in 2011. He was himself very energetic and had a crazy interaction with the crowd.

Phuong I would say the Expedition Festival after party. Usually after a festival everyone is pretty tired, nevertheless all the artists came along, as well as people from the festival. A lot happened spontaneously; Henrik Schwarz had a gig in-between in Antwerp, but came back to Perron to play at the after. And you could see Innervisions guys dancing in the crowd…

Aletta The Maceo Plex night. It took a lot of time, effort, patience and good negotiations to have him booked in Rotterdam. In the end he told us we're one of his new favourite clubs in Europe, which made it all worthwhile and definitely a night I'd love to go back to.

Mart I think the Intergalactic night a few months ago; was a nice fit all together.

Henrik Schwarz had a gig in-between in Antwerp, but came back to Perron to play at the after. And you could see Innervisions guys dancing in the crowd… 

Your broken dream — an artist you wish to see playing at Perron, but alas it would never happen anymore…

Aletta Laurent Garnier for sure.

Sam Paul Kalkbrenner.

Aziz Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin among others are definitely on the bucket list. There are so many artists out there though, it is impossible to book everyone.

Mart Some artists also simply charge too much — up to 30 k, which is far-fetched for the club's capacity and the ticket price between 10-15 euros.

Personally, I met a lot of cool people and made many new friends in Perron. What kinds of special friendships can you thank Perron for?

Sam A lot of artists of course you get to know on a more personal level. Some people from the scene and the regulars. Difficult to name a few. There are some people who used to come here a lot. Then you don't see them anymore for a year or two and suddenly they pop up again.

Aziz Yes, there was this girl and I was wondering where she disappeared to, if she was still living in Rotterdam or moved someplace else. But then she came back and told me she had a baby and took a year off partying. Natalia was her name! The girl with the braces. She used to come here a lot. And she was always in a big fight with her boyfriend every week. Huge fights here in Perron.

Sam and Mart Wiebe! Definitely Wiebe Kuipers! He knows all the fuzz and has a great energy.

Phuong I would add Connie, our toilet lady. She is someone special too.

Greatest feedback, comment, compliment you have ever got on behalf of Perron?

Aziz Perron babies! Yes, there are people who met in the club, fell in love and now have babies - Perron babies.

Sam What about Marc Marzenit? He named one of his tracks after Perron! It was one of the most played tracks during the last ADE.

Perron babies! Yes, there are people who met in the club, fell in love and now have babies - Perron babies. 

A favourite graffiti art?

Aletta and Phuong The Elevator Girl by Mark Dumanon.

Mart The Spaceman by Hans Schuttenbeld and the graffiti behind the lockers which is made with pencil — so detailed — by Koen & Daan van Velsen

Aziz I would go for the Spaceman. I also like the three little puppets on the ceiling. The artist Edo Rath is known as the king of this type of graffiti. Actually there are some really famous artists who've made artwork here… 

Sam There used to be a piece of graffiti that made the entrance doors look as they were carved out of stone — but it's gone now.

Would you want to see it when they tear the building down?

Aziz Things change and at a certain point you have to move and keep reinventing yourself. Eventually, we will probably even feel grateful that they kicked us out of here, so we can start fresh. I probably will see it, because our new project is down the road.

Phuong I think we should be across the street with a glass of champagne, toasting to the future. The new project is a new chapter. We are, in fact, not saying goodbye at all - only to the building.

Perron Crew
Mart Sanders - programming
Aletta van der Eijk - marketing and communication
Sam Van de Poel - PR and communication
Phuong Anh Ho (Fufu) - general manager
Aziz Yagoub - club owner


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PhotographyBrian Lubking & Zara Maria Olsson

Special thanks to Michael Rabbers

Zara Maria Olsson

Zara Maria Olsson

Rotterdam / Gothenburg
Zara Maria Olsson is an animation student from Gothenburg with a passion for people, coffee and heavy bass. She is currently based in Rotterdam but wishes to eventually explore every single corner of the world. She works best during late nights and prefer neon colour to any other colour.