Stream sounds from International Space Station and historical NASA moments

11 February 2015
Myriah Turner

Travel through space and time with a few SoundCloud finds that will not only educate you, but also allow you to hear the sounds that are happening above the heavens and amongst the stars.

Colonel Chris Hadfield

During six months in orbit, including three months as the Commander of the International Space Station, Hadfield documented the sounds of his daily routines, including; Spacewalk Pressure Equalization, Spacesuit Bleed and Shutdown and captured many atmospheric noises emitted from the space station. He also took his hobby of recording folk songs into the galaxy. 

Hadfield said, "So much of what we know and what we think and what we feel and what we remember is affiliated with how it all sounded." The sounds recorded are a collection of mere seconds, but give you insights into tasks that are taking place above the clouds. We couldn't agree more with Hadfield that the sounds of things truly do leave an impression on the things we experience.


Their page gives you an out of this world collection of sounds from historic space flights and rocket launches. You can experience the roar of space shuttles as well as the classic Neil Armstong quote, "One small step for man, one giant step for mankind." The SoundCloud page also features the famous words of JFK and the bold sounds of the STS-135: Countdown to Launch. NASA's page is a treasure chest of space memorabilia you'll want to explore.

The Atlantic Tech

This page is a marvelous time capsule of glorious tidbits from our past. The most historical recording is of Apollo 8, the first humans to orbit the moon and see the Earth rise over the moon's horizon is a righteous moment. You can further divulge into space by reading the 10 verses of Genesis and submerging yourself in an event that took place in 1968.


A show hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich was designed to move along the boundaries of philosophy and sound. The hour long episode, Space, allows the American obsession to be charted from romance to cynicism. The episode includes; Carl Sagan's widow, Ann Druyan, who talks true love and the expedition and the golden record that travelled through space. Neil de Grasse Tyson also explains just how insignificant we are. The listen is intriguing and sometimes perplexing, but relax and absorb your launch to another place in the universe.

These great finds will strike your mind and sink into your soul while letting you take a quick jaunt into space. They are vivid and real and all encompassing, all aboard this spaceship of sound.

Myriah Turner

Myriah Turner

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