When Technology Meets Paranoia: Another Berghain App

25 March 2015
Mariana Berezovska

We talk so much about how technology is destroying the vibe of a personal communication, joyful physicality and heart-tearing disappointments. Voila! Here is another Berghain-cultivating app that wants to take away all the fun of the line ritual and personal interaction.

No matter how hard you try to be original about figuring the queue on the Saturday night — there is no way it is going to be short. There are some secret daytimes where the line fades away, but these are very obscure and can be figured out only by the common Berlin sense and experience.

The unpredictable behaviour of the Berghain line and its epic bouncers belong to the night-out magic: smoke a pack of cigarettes, start asking people for tobacco and filters, make new friends, get sober or drunk again, go get a doner — there is a plenty of fun things to do while waiting.

So I guess, if you look at this from a physical point of view — progression, of whether you or other people getting into the club or to the doner place, creates a certain movement that keeps us all going.

Just imagine if all these people around Berlin were sitting at home checking out the application and then would all arrive at the same time because it told them 'there is no line'. Faulty mathematics, aren't these? So, whether on Saturday night on the Sunday afternoon, better believe in magic than trust the science.

And besides standing in the line or even being rejected is just the part of the red-eyed vampire life and the crazy sleepless culture that we claim to be a part of.

"Is There A Line At Berghain" on iTunes 

Cover photo © Verbalise House

Mariana Berezovska

Mariana Berezovska

Mariana believes in music, aesthetic education, second language acquisition and the power of doing things together.