Wildeburg aftermovie, the classic of the genre

05 December 2016
Myriah Turner

At a festival, where decorated surroundings exceed the artists’ bill, the atmosphere is picture-perfect from every angle. To capture the happening genuinely, we had to keep the creative simple. With a single soundtrack and classy cinematography, we develop our story in a gradual increase — shot by shot, emotion by emotion, connections are made into one shared experience.

This premier edition of Wildeburg lasted non stop 3 days and night of July '16 in the Dutch province Flevoland. With its natural ambiance and fairy tale decor, the festival welcomes trippy hippie vibes and hosts eclectic program of electronic acts and instrumental bands.

We were looking for a soundtrack that could reflect the aesthetics of the festival to the max, we wanted warm instrumental sound and we wanted it to be epic, hippie epic, just as Hyper Martino from Michele Mininni.

We've managed to summarise the festival experience in 3 minutes 27 seconds. And then we've decided to deconstruct it into 16 ‘live’ moments between 1-2 minutes each, featuring artists and groovy party-goers.

Soles of Funk w/ Interstellar Funk

Good Vibes w/ San Proper

Sharks and Trombones w/ Gallowstreet

Dialoque's Eclectic Assemblage

Pitch A Tent, I Want To Party

Hutje Mutje: What Am I Doing In My Life?

A Choreographed Affair w/ Cinnaman

Space Mission w/ Harvey McKay

Watch more Wildeburg festival videos in this playlist:

Directed by Anna Bogomolova
Camera and edit by Dammes Kieft
Additional camera by Remco Hoogenboom
Commissioned by Paul Niezen for www.wildeburg.com
Concept by Blitzkickers

Myriah Turner

Myriah Turner

Toronto / Amsterdam
Myriah Turner likes her words shaken not stirred. A Canadian with a powerful pen, she is known for her poetic stylings on discoFlesh, her dreamy voice over and her constant contributions to the electronic dance music scene. Having a strong connection with Amsterdam, Myriah Turner is currently based in Toronto, with an endless supply of pens and paper.